Homeowner’s Insurance

Your home is more than a building—it’s your castle full of hopes and memories.

It’s the place where your family and friends get together. It’s home to your possessions; the home that you saved for all those years.

Our homeowner’s insurance policy will let you rest easy so you can enjoy your home and the security it brings.

Types of Coverage

  • Comprehensive: All Risk Coverage—sometimes called All Perils.
  • “All Perils” means you’re covered for all types of losses, except for standard policy exclusions.
  • Broad Form: All Risk on building and Named Perils on contents.
  • “Named Perils” means you’re covered for certain types of losses that are specifically included.
  • Standard: Named Perils—identifies what is “included.”
  • You’ll need extra coverage if you’re operating a home-based business.

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