Tenant’s Insurance

Did you know your landlord can sue you? Say you accidentally leave the stove on, and your apartment catches fire. You could be held liable.

Even if the cause of the fire has nothing to do with you, the fire could still destroy your furniture, computer, TV, clothes—pretty much everything. And the cost to replace it all will mean a serious hit to your wallet.

That’s where our tenant’s insurance comes into play. It protects you, your family, and your possessions.

Types of Coverage

  • Comprehensive: All Risk Coverage—sometimes called All Perils.
  • “All Perils” means you’re covered for all types of losses, except for standard policy exclusions.
  • Broad Form: All Risk on building and Named Perils on contents.
  • “Named Perils” means you’re covered for certain types of losses that are specifically included.
  • Both Comprehensive and Broad Form include liability coverage. You’re protected if you, or your guests, cause damage to your unit or building.

To learn more, talk to an insurance expert today. Call 403.720.1939 (Calgary) or 888.720.1939 (toll free). Or get a free quote.


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