ATV Insurance

Whether you hunt, ride trails, or farm your property, you know how much useful (and fun) your All-Terrain-Vehicle can be.

Even though you can’t drive your ATV on major roadways, you still need insurance when you’re covering major ground. Sometimes you can’t tell what’s over the next rock. And sometimes another rider gets too close.

Give us a call, and make sure you’re protected so the only bumps you experience are on the trail.

Types of Coverage

  • Insurance for an ATV that’s used for your own recreational purposes
  • Insurance for the trailer that tows your ATV.
  • Coverage is also available for leased ATVs.
  • Third-party liability protection against causing property damage or bodily injury.
  • Vehicles up to 25 years of age are eligible for physical damage coverage.
  • We provide replacement cost coverage for your accessories and gear.

Get a free quote today, or talk to an insurance expert at 403.720.1939 (Calgary) or 888.720.1939 (toll free).


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