Boat & Watercraft Insurance

Boating offers it all—water, sunshine, fresh air, and a chance to relax and get close to nature. Life is definitely better when you view it from a boat.

However, you could be hurt or harm someone else. Your boat could be stolen, ravaged by fire, or damaged while in storage.

Marine insurance will help stop the worry so you can get back out on the water and enjoy yourself.

Give us a call—we can help you get the right coverage at a reasonable cost.

Types of Coverage

  • Your watercraft is insured against All Risks for direct loss.
  • Your personal property on the boat is insured for All Risks.
  • Your outboard motor and trailer are insured for All Risks.
  • We insure your personal liability while operating the watercraft and in conjunction with the ownership of the vessel.
  • Your insurance is valid within the territorial limits of Canada and the Continental United States.
  • We provide replacement cost coverage for your vessel provided it’s not more than 10 years old at the start of the policy term.

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Boat Reflection © 2012 Tom Collins, CC BY-ND 2.0